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Building a strong and growing endowment is essential to Stratford Friends School’s long-term financial health. Increasing the endowment is an important and ongoing strategic goal. Because endowment contributions remain intact in perpetuity—only income from their investment may be utilized—they support our mission today and into the future. Stratford Friends School has seven established endowments. To help ensure the future of Stratford Friends School, you may designate your gift to an existing endowment or contact the Advancement Office about creating a new endowment:

  • R. Hewitt Endowment supports general operations.
  • Scholarship Endowment supports SFS families with demonstrated financial need.
  • Teacher Compensation Endowment supplements teacher salary expenses.
  • E. Marshall Scholarship Endowment is designated for children of color from families with demonstrated financial need.
  • Tyson Scholarship Endowment is for Quaker families in need of financial aid.
  • General Operating Fund Reserve is distributed at the discretion of the Stratford Friends School Board
  • Summer Teacher Support Endowment provides funding for teachers who undertake a summer project designed to enhance the individual or the SFS community.