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In 1976, Stratford Friends School was opened as the country’s first Quaker school for children with learning differences. Our Quaker roots serve as a foundation for the school’s academic approach and culture. The Quaker values that we incorporate into our curriculum provide all children with the assurance that the way they learn matters, and that fairness requires that unique learners have equal access to diverse learning experiences.

As a Friends school, we believe there is that of God in everyone. We follow the Quaker Testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship. Spiritual growth and Quaker values are an integral part of the academic program and the community life of the school.

At Stratford Friends, students and staff begin each day with fifteen minutes devoted to Meeting For Worship. We gather and sit in silence, respond to questions generated by our Query Committee, or share a song led by our music teacher. It is a calming and motivating way to begin each school day and helps each person to reach beyond themselves and feel part of our larger school community.

Stratford Friends School is under the care of the Chester Quarterly Meeting.