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Why Choose Stratford

 Our youngest daughter started SFS in September. The story of her life is somewhat long, even though she’s only eight years old. Even so, we’re definitely in a new and wonderful chapter. After she came home from her first day at SFS she said, “ I got a tingling feeling in my head … thinking, this school is going to be perfect for me.” We gratefully and tearfully agreed. Although we have many kind professionals to thank along the way, or since our daughter entered the world of school, our gratitude for SFS began before she started. Since her first day, we’ve noticed our daughter writing, reading, laughing, making friends, playing new games, expressing herself, and creating more and more each day. She’s definitely becoming who she is and was meant to be because of the supportive, nurturing, inspiring, creative, academic, therapeutic, and safe environment at SFS. Amen, and thank you SFS! - Long Family


 Attending Stratford Friends School has changed my son Ben in many ways. Being in an environment that understands his learning inabilities has allowed Ben to feel comfortable, eager and confident in his learning. Ben smiles everyday and is happy to go to school. The relationships that have developed between Ben and classmates and other parents and myself are priceless. Our extended family has grown significantly. SFS was a life preserver in the midst of a terrible storm. - Brown Family



Seven years ago our son Marco was a first grader who came home from school defeated everyday. One November morning, he refused to go to school and shared that he felt dumb. It was heartbreaking and I made a promise that I would find him a school where he would feel good and smart. My husband and I visited Stratford Friends soon after and enrolled Marco in January of that year. Within 24 hours of being at SFS, he was his happy bright self again. SFS is an amazing community that values and nurtures each individual. I look at Marco now—a big confident eighth grader who loves school, has a wonderful group of friends, and takes huge pride in the fact that he is a lifer at SFS. He knows he learns differently and SFS has taught him what he needs to feel and be successful in the classroom. Marco talks about his learning and his school with great pride— it just doesn’t get better than that.

– The Van Steenwyk Family