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Occupational Therapy

Stratford Friends added Occupational Therapy with a dedicated therapy room to our support services. Occupational therapy has been shown to enhance sensory skills and hand-eye coordination; help develop social and emotional skills; reduce tension and anxiety; and improve concentration, alertness, and awareness. Our Occupational Therapy support gives Stratford Friends’ students opportunities to regulate their sensory systems and receive individualized therapy to facilitate their learning in the classroom.

Our Occupational Therapist works closely with classroom teachers and other therapists to assess each student’s needs and delivers support within the classroom as much as possible. Students’ educational testing is used to determine if students qualify for individual or small group therapy to address needs that cannot be met in the classroom environment.

Occupational Therapy interventions at Stratford Friends are evidence based and address:

  • Fine and gross motor coordination
  • Handwriting and typing skills
  • Visual perception and perceptual motor skills
  • Sensory processing and modulation
  • Adaptive behaviors, including making transitions and self-regulation
  • Attention
  • Organization of self and materials
  • Adaptations to educational materials and the classroom environment