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Parents Committee

Stratford Friends School has a very active Parents’ Committee that runs many events and fundraisers throughout the school year including The Stratford Affair Annual Auction, Family Fun Nights, The Holiday Sale, and many more!

Our community welcomes each family to be involved to build the strong connections that make us a community of kindness and good works. Our Co-Founder Sandy Howze said it best - we are ”...steeped in informality and honest, respectful interactions between children and adults.”  
Stay tuned for more information about getting involved! We are looking forward to what the year brings us in new friendships and fellowship at Stratford Friends School.
Please e‑mail if you are interested in volunteering!


School Volunteer Policy

To volunteer in our school, please read and sign the School Volunteer Policy, as well as complete the “Volunteer Clearance Arrest or Conviction Form” and the “Volunteer Clearance Disclosure Form.” All three items need to be completed annually. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We are a new family and would like to volunteer, what do we need to do?

A. Please read and sign the “School Volunteer Policy.” Also you will need to complete the PA Child Abuse History and the PA State Police Criminal Record Check. You need to get your “Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) – FBI Report.” If you’ve lived in Pennsylvania for at least 10 years, you’re able to complete the “Volunteer Information Affidavit” in lieu of the “Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) – FBI Report.”


Q. We have volunteered in the past and would like to volunteer again, what should we do?

A. Please confirm with the main office that your clearances are valid and up to date. Also make sure that you have received and signed the “School Volunteer Policy,” and the “Volunteer Clearance Arrest or Conviction Form.”


Q. Who needs to obtain clearances?

A. The new law states that any employees or volunteers who supervise, guide, or are in control of children and have routine interaction with them are required to get clearances every 5 years.


Q. How do I obtain clearances?

A. If you have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years, you must obtain the Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance. Links to these may be found on this page.


PA Child Abuse

PA Criminal History


Q. Where do I send all of my clearance related paperwork?

A. Please email or give a hard copy to the main office.


Q. How often do I need to update my clearances?

A. Volunteer clearances need to be updated every 5 years. A “Volunteer Clearance Arrest or Conviction Form” and the “School Volunteer Policy” need to be completed annually.


Q. Can I provide an affidavit instead of fingerprints?

A. Only if you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least 10 years. If you meet this qualification, you may use the template we have provided on this page.


Q. I would prefer to mail my state police criminal record check rather than complete it online.

A. We have provided a link to the document you need to fill out and you are able to mail it to Pennsylvania’s PATCH system.


Q. The FBI fingerprint site is requesting a service code and I don’t know what that is.

A. Please make sure you have selected “Digital Fingerprints”. If you are a volunteer please use 1kg6y3. If you are an employee please use 1kg6tr.