About Us

Stratford Friends School is a leader and a pioneer in the education of children who learn differently.  SFS students are intelligent and imaginative but find it difficult to learn in a conventional classroom setting. The school’s mission is to empower our students with the skills to be successful learners. SFS is a Quaker school committed to diversity, peacemaking, social justice, and the recognition of the spiritual dimension of life.

Our elementary and middle school programs are designed to prepare our unique learners for success. The well-rounded school day combines a research-based academic curriculum with integrated speech and language, occupational therapy, and social skills. We incorporate STEAM and service-based learning with physical education and visual and performing arts that encourages our students’ creativity, builds a joy of learning, and bolsters self-esteem. After-school clubs such as photography, cooking, and robotics, and competitive sports give students the opportunity to celebrate their unique talents, skills, and interests and to find their voices as individuals.

Average Class Size

Our average class size is 6:1 and we serve grades K-9. Our students have language-based learning disabilities and/or struggle in one or more of the following areas:

ADD & ADHD • Receptive and Expressive Language • Executive Functioning • Dyslexia • Working Memory • Dysgraphia • Auditory Processing • Dyscalculia

Schedule a Tour

For more information or to schedule a personalized tour please call our Director of Enrollment Management, Patty Plousis, in our Admissions Office at 610-886-4337 or complete our online inquiry form.