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Our Mission and Core Values

Stratford Friends School seeks to empower our students with the skills to be successful learners.

Our Mission

Stratford Friends School educates elementary through ninth grade students with language-based learning differences through a structured, multisensory program that celebrates students’ strengths, builds self-esteem, and develops self-advocacy. Guided by Quaker principles, the school provides individualized attention and instruction in a safe, intimate, and caring environment.

Core Values

At Stratford Friends School, we believe in:

  • Living our Quaker values: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship
  • Empowering students with the skills to be successful learners
  • Educating the whole child
  • Respecting individuals and their learning styles
  • Teaching students to advocate for themselves
  • Providing children with a voice in our community
  • Supporting children’s creativity
  • Keeping up with current education research
  • Fostering a love for learning
  • Finding the Light in everyone
  • Never giving up

Approach and Philosophy

At Stratford Friends School, we believe students learn best when teaching and education includes: 

  • A child center approached where students have a voice and are empowered to succeed. 
  • A partnership between home and school.  SFS promotes open communication and creates an environment where parents and families are part of the school team, working together to ensure each child is supported. 
  • Small teacher to student ratio. 
  • Multisensory approach taught at students’ instructional level ensures students’ academic and social needs are meet. 
  • Integrated Speech and Occupational Therapy. 
  • Social Skills curriculum taught by guidance counselor and reinforced within core subjects by classroom teachers.