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Health and Safety

Last Update: April 2022

Dear Friends,


As Stratford Friends continues to monitor the health and safety of our school community, I wanted to address recent news and updates regarding masking in schools.  Here at SFS, we are optimistic about the recent decline in Covid-19 cases, decrease in hospitalizations, and data showing that children and vaccinated individuals are only experiencing mild illnesses. This is good news as it allows us to begin planning another calculated turn toward normal.  While Delaware County currently remains in “High” transmission rates, trends suggest that soon the transmission rates will decline to the “Moderate” to “Low” range.  As the county rates drop, we can begin to move from mask required in school to masks recommended for students and staff experiencing no symptoms and with no ongoing exposures. It is important to note that regardless of our school’s decision, the federal mandate of masks on buses remains in effect.


Currently, the county remains in “High” transmission, meaning that there are 100 or more cases per 100,000 people or a positively rate of 10% or higher.  Any change to our Health and Safety policy will not be immediate.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Stratford Friends has remained focused on keeping our doors open and our students in school.  Moving too fast could put our community at risk and disrupt the learning for our unique students.


At this time, we are tentatively planning April 11th as the first day we will move from mask required to mask recommended.  This change will allow students and teachers the flexibility to do what makes each individual feel comfortable.  Note, that this decision can change based on the transmission rates and guidance from the CDC and CHOP between now and then. In addition, March 15th will be our last day of pool testing in school. 


The timeline we have established will allow Stratford Friends to move towards these next steps at a pace developed to keep student healthy, safe, and in school.  In addition, I know so many families are looking forward to time away for spring break.  Moving to mask as recommended a week after we return from spring break will hopefully ensure you can enjoy your time away with no exposure before break and allow us to return after many have gathered and traveled during break with no impacted to our learning environment. 


While the masking update will be a big change for our community, other parts of our policy will remain in effect:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea: students must be vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours, without the use of medication, before returning to school.
  • Persistent cough, sore throat lasting 2-3 days, and/or yellow or green drainage from the eyes or nose: students must be symptom-free for 24 hours, without the use of cold medication.
  • A fever of 100.1 or higher without the use of fever reducing medications, students must be symptom-free for 24 hours.


In addition, the timeline your child will need to stay home and/or be required to mask will change for the following situations:

  • Positive for COVID-19, students and staff will stay home for 5 days
  • When there is a positive case within the home or an ongoing exposure to COVID-19, students and staff will be allowed in school but will be required to wear a mask for 7 days.


We continue to support the guidance of the CDC and CHOP regarding vaccinations.  If a student is vaccinated, please share the vaccinate card so we can update our records. 


Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our Healthy and Safety policy regarding contagious diseases and masking. I will share the updated policy with the community after it is approved by our Board.


Thank you for your continuous support during this challenging time.  We have and will get through this together! 


In Friendship,