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In today’s world, technology is ever-growing and changing. Thus, we believe it is our responsibility to expose students to technology in age-appropriate ways that enhance our program while guiding the students to be safe and productive digital citizens. Our youngest students (Green, and Orange Teams) integrate a one-to-one Chromebook program.

Yellow Team, 6th- 9th Grade students are provided with laptops running Windows 10. As students get older and prepare for high school, technology must be for more than consumption of information. Production of new information and knowledge is necessary for students to be successful. Laptops enable students to produce more and provide easy access to information.

Along with the one-to-one programs we offer, our Innovation Center is a technology workshop for students to build and create utilizing state-of-the-art computer and design devices. From coding to robotics, cross-curricular enhancement and engagement are possible at the Innovation Center.

Providing the right technology fit is vital to the success of our students. Our Director of Technology supports the implementation and maintenance of all our school devices. In addition, the Director also assists teachers and students with the integration of technology across curriculums.