Built on Quaker values, our community enables students and adults to work together with a common purpose—the success of our students. Students at Stratford Friends School are engaged in their learning. Whether reciting phonemes in reading class or building solar-powered cars in science class, students are active learners. This engagement stems from the safety of the learning environment created at Stratford Friends. Students take risks as they allow their curiosity to lead them. This educational discovery is guided by our teachers as they work closely with students to provide individualized attention, knowing that all students learn differently.

Everyone at Stratford Friends School created this document together. It represents the spirit we wish to uphold in our school community. By signing this, we indicate our intent to support the vision of the document with our actions.
We feel great coming to Stratford Friends. At our school, teachers help us with learning differences so learning is easier here. Teachers help support us, at the level we need, so we can reach our goals.

It is easy to make friends here because everybody accepts people’s differences. Older and younger students play together and take care with each other, so our school is a safe place. Here, all the teachers know you and they help solve all kinds of problems. We listen to each other.

We try to respect other people and their feelings and we respect nature. At our school, we recycle and compost. We try to be responsible with our own things and the classroom things. We honor and protect our school and respect school property.
We work as a team and if someone needs a hand, we give it. We include everybody, so it feels like everyone is important. Our school feels like a safe place to be.