Built on Quaker values, our community enables students and adults to work together with a common purpose—the success of our students. Students at Stratford Friends School are engaged in their learning. Whether reciting phonemes in reading class or building solar-powered cars in science class, students are active learners. This engagement stems from the safety of the learning environment created at Stratford Friends. Students take risks as they allow their curiosity to lead them. This educational discovery is guided by our teachers as they work closely with students to provide individualized attention, knowing that all students learn differently.

Stratford Friends Spirit Document

Everyone at Stratford Friends School created this document together. It represents the spirit we wish to uphold in our school community. By signing this, we indicate our intent to support the vision of the document with our actions.

We are a Quaker school and Quaker is another name for Friends. We do Meeting for Worship. We like to help people in the community by cooking for those in need.

We want our school to be a place where we can do our best learning. In our small classes, teachers have time to help people. We like to go to a school where kids help each other and teachers help us see each others’ strengths. We gain confidence at Stratford Friends because the work is at our level and this school helps people who learn differently.

We like to take field trips, move around outside and play sports. We want to be a school where there is no bullying and people respect other people’s space and belongings. We are like family and we try to work out our differences and know that a teacher is there to help as needed.