Stratford Friends School is focused on the health and safety of all students and adults in our community.  As we built our Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 school year we were guided by the principals of safety, flexibility, and equity. We are grateful for our small class sizes and large building which allows SFS to address the CDC guidelines and incorporate plans to mitigate the risk of transmission.  

We have made two changes to our calendar to help support our teachers be ready to roll on the first day of school. We are moving our first day of school to Tuesday September 8th, the day after Labor Day. This will give our teachers time for more professional development training to develop plans for both in person and online instruction. We will also move our dismissal time to 2:30 pm. Since teachers with the new safety protocols will not have the opportunity during the school day to do lesson planning, this will allow teachers to have time at the end of the day to prepare.

While our plan focuses on how we will reopen campus, we understand the situation continues to evolve and we may all need to move to online learning if circumstances dictate.  Furthermore, to assist our teachers and students with a successful start to the academic year, we ask that students choosing to start virtually, continue with the virtual learning option for the first three weeks of school.  After which time, we can plan to switch to in person if preferred.   

Together, we can make 2020-2021 school year an exciting one for our students.  At school we are working on setting up the classrooms, cleaning all high touch surfaces, and implementing other safety precautions outlined in our plan.  At home, talk to your kids about the proper ways to wear a mask, wash hands, and social distance.   


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