Parents discuss goals and schools of interest with students.Summer prior to 8th grade
Families review school websites and request information.Summer prior to 8th grade
Parents attend open houses and tours at schools (at least 4 recommended).End of summer prior to 8th grade through November
Parents meet with Jill and Corinne before Curriculum Night to discuss process, what to expect, and ask questions.Before Curriculum Night - September of 8th grade year
Parents schedule meeting with Jill and Corinne to discuss possible school options and ask individual questions.To be scheduled on Curriculum Night for September/October
Practice interviewing with your student.Ongoing throughout 8th grade
Request a re-evaluation with either your school district or an independent evaluator. Many schools require that the evaluation be no more than 2 years old. This process typically takes months, so the earlier you begin the process, the sooner it will be completed. If you need support finding an independent evaluator, contact Corinne for recommendations.September of 8th grade
Visit schools with your child.September through December of 8th grade
Obtain applications from schools (3-4 recommended).September through December of 8th grade
Submit request for records to Lisa with signed release form.September through December of 8th grade
Give recommendation forms to teachers.September through December of 8th grade
Students work on essays (teachers and staff can help with this process).Ongoing until completion
Complete and submit applications, which may include: a written application, essay(s), recommendations from 2 teachers, request for records, and psychoeducational testing no more than 2 years old.Submit by January of 8th grade. It is best if you apply to a number of schools at the same time, rather than waiting to hear from your first choice as the process takes time. (The earlier the better as many schools have rolling admissions, so your child may be accepted anytime throughout the year.)