Stratford Friends School educates elementary and middle-school age students, along with ninth grade students who have language-based learning differences through a structured, multisensory program that celebrates students’ strengths, builds self-esteem and develops self-advocacy. Guided by Quaker principles, the school provides individualized attention and instruction in an intimate, caring environment. To schedule a tour, please fill out our form here.

Enrollment Process

    Temporarily, please call our Director of Enrollment Management, Patty Plousis  at 610-886-4337 to arrange a virtual tour of Stratford Friends School.

    Contact Patty Plousis, Director of Enrollment Management at 610-886-4337 or to arrange a private tour to observe teachers and students at work, meet with the administration, and see if SFS is a right fit for your child’s learning style.

    Parents/guardians will submit an SFS application form, accompanied by a copy of the most recent report card, a photograph of the child, copies of any recent testing, and a check for the application fee of $75.
    We would love to get to know you. A shadow day will include time spent in classrooms and an opportunity to make friends and explore our unique academic programming.
    Students are selected for admission on the basis of readiness for the academic program within the Stratford Friends School culture, as determined by the Admissions Committee. In making their decision, the committee will consider school records, testing, assessments, screenings, and observations. Stratford Friends School has rolling admissions and will notify parents/guardians as soon as possible.
    After receiving their child’s acceptance letter, parents/guardians must return the enrollment agreement and deposit to finalize registration. Generous financial aid and payment plans for tuition are available. Tuition includes all activity fees, textbooks, and materials.

Stratford Friends School seeks students who have difficulty reaching their full potential in a traditional classroom. Students are selected for admission on the basis of readiness for the academic program within the Stratford Friends School culture. Testing is used as a tool to assist in assessing candidates. Stratford Friends School retains the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether or not to admit or re-enroll a student. Generally, those decisions are based on multiple criteria: Student profile based on information provided during the admissions process; student interview; parent interview; and availability and fit within the appropriate class.


The tuition for each student for the 2020-2021 school year is:

  • K – 2nd Grade: $38,000
  • 3rd Grade – 9th Grade: $43,000

Tuition includes all activity fees, textbooks, and materials. We welcome applications for the 2020-21 school year. Need-based financial aid is available for families.

Stratford Friends School has three payment plans to choose from:

  • Single Payment
  • Two Payments (50% and 50%)
  • Ten Equal Monthly Payments (processing fee of $150.00 applies)

Financial Aid

Stratford Friends School provides need-based financial assistance to qualified students. In the administration of its financial aid program, Stratford Friends School does not discriminate on the basis of race, national, or ethnic origin.

Financial aid is funded through a combination of resources, including annual giving, endowment income, and general operating income. Therefore, limited financial aid funds are available each year resulting in the top award being only 50% of the total tuition.

Financial aid is applied appropriately to the periodic tuition payments, but aid can be withdrawn if a family is not current in all payments to the school. Financial aid is awarded to all returning students before awards are made to new students.

All financial aid awards are made by the Financial Aid Committee. The committee consists of the Head of School, the Director of Finance & Operations and the Director of Admissions.

Apply for Financial Aid

Please visit this page for more information on our financial aid process.