About Us

Message from the Head of School

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Stratford Friends School! For nearly 40 years, Stratford Friends has been a leader in the education of students with language-based learning differences, pioneering cutting-edge, multisensory teaching techniques.

Our intensive, multisensory program includes 120 minutes of literacy instruction, integrating reading and writing.  The S.T.E.P.S. (Self, Teamwork, Emotions, Peer relationships, Skills) curriculum provides a balanced education program that reaches the whole child.  These pieces together with rigorous math, science and social studies curricula provide a well-rounded academic program for our students. 

Also, in our pioneering spirit, Stratford Friends continues to grow and develop technology integration.  We began with one-to-on iPads three years ago.  Today, our lower school continues the one-to-one iPad initiative while our middle school employees a one-to-one Chromebook program.  For younger students, iPads are great tools for acquiring or consuming information.  As students get older, the need shifts from consumption to production of information.  Chromebooks provide middle school students with a greater ability to produce new knowledge this way.

As a multisensory program, Stratford Friends also created our Innovation Center.  This is a technology workshop, loaded with iMac computers, tools, and devices to enhance our program. Students participate in robotics, digital photography, and coding.  The Innovation Center carries technology beyond typical STEM curricula and is open to all classes and subject areas.  The addition of a 3D printer will further enhance the Center, enabling students to digitally create and actually produce objects.  Through this experience they will learn coding, drafting, geometry, and a whole host of other skills such as teamwork.

Our goal is not innovation for the sake of innovating.  Not only do we provide a state-of-the-art program for the language-based needs of our students, we work to prepare them for the world and life beyond Stratford Friends.  From the top down, our purpose is to prepare students for high school.  To do this, we meet them where their needs are when they enter Stratford Friends.  Our program allows students to grow by building upon strengths and developing areas of need.  Likewise, our students develop academic strategies to enhance their learning.  I encourage you to come out and see what we do.


Tim Madigan, Ph.D.
Head of School