Speech & Language

The speech & language philosophy of Stratford Friends is unique in integrating speech and language support in whatever setting, academic or social, where students encounter communication demands and challenges. Several research studies suggest more progress is made in speech and language when it is integrated across settings. This also helps our Speech-Language Pathologist, Barbara Coaxum, to work more efficiently and effectively with students and staff and as part of the Shine Bright program.  Barbara assesses each student’s needs formally and informally with input from the rest of the team.  She designs interventions to facilitate each child's ability to access the curriculum and facilitate all students’ learning. She monitors progress and stays in close, direct contact with teachers, other therapists, and families.

With the Shine Bright program, Stratford Friends students receive therapy individually, in small groups, and through our integrated whole classroom instruction and classroom push-in models.

Students also receive help with social communication skills using a variety of pragmatic social communication approaches including Social Thinking. Students who know how to effectively communicate socially become more functional across more settings, helping them to improve and increase social participation, social relationships, and academic achievement.

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