School Psychologist

Supporting our mission of educating the whole child, our School Psychologist, participates in Shine Bright for every team.  As part of that program she provides explicit instruction in social emotional skills during her weekly class and sees small groups and individual students as needed. 

Social-Emotional Program

Our School Psychologist in conjunction with our Speech and Language Therapist works weekly with all of our teams to deliver our social emotional curriculum. This class incorporates elements of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Program and aligns with our mission of teaching the whole child. Students become problem solvers who are equipped to deal with daily social and emotional challenges. All students participate to support their own social-emotional wellbeing as well as that of their team.  Using structured and guided activities, cooperative games, role play, stories, and problem-solving, students learn and practice skills in class with the goal of generalizing to real-life situations.

Starting at the appropriate developmental level, students identify and work on specific individual goals, learning to self-monitor progress throughout the year. The program's goals are centered around themes of self-awareness, self-advocacy skills, and recognizing and respecting others’ feelings and perspectives. Students also learn pragmatic communication and friendship-making skills, problem-solving strategies, and tools for self-regulation. 

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